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OnePlus Health

Special Price Rs. 500


OnePlus Health

Wed 15 Aug, 2018 to Sun 20 Dec, 2020

Customer visits -  https://portal.oneplushealth.in/HealthCard.aspx?card=5 Selects Oneplus health product via link given clicks on the link and fills the required data form and places order Order placed with Rupay card selected as payment method Transaction started in order system Rupay card valid? If no customer must enter new payment method Customer visits Rupay Offers section and Selects Oneplus health product via link given clicks on the link and fills the required data form and places order Transaction completed in order system Customer receive receipt and Ecards via e-mail

***In case of any failure / non acceptance of RuPay Card kindly contact:Email us at Contact@loofre.com

  1. Services provided under the package as mentioned below:

    Dental Benefits:

    Get 01 Free Dental Cleaning and Scaling Voucher from Clove Dental.

    Free Consultations on Clove Dental.

    Up to 50% concession on Examination/Consultation charges on clove dental.

    Up to 50% concession on dental offerings for dental cleaning and X-Rays on Clove Dental.

    Up to 20% concession on other dental treatments on clove dental

    Eye care:

    Receive 04 vouchers for FREE eye checkups by best doctors of Centre for Sight.

    Doctors and Clinics Services:

    10% (min) to 50% concession on all doctor consultations


    10% (min) to 50% concessional discounts at hospitals on OPD on our network panel.

    Min 10% to Up to 25% concessional discounts at hospitals in IPD*

    Discount on Pharmacy

    Up to 15% discount on MRP on medicines purchased at selected stores.

    Purchase Medicines through Oneplus Health and get discount between 20% to 25% with free home delivery*

    Diagnostic Center Benefits:

    Get 02 Free 56 blood Health check test Vouchers from from Thyrocare.

    Receive 04 concessional vouchers and get upto 30% concession on the MRP on all Pathology and Radiology tests from Oneplus health Verified Labs.

    Doctor By My Side Service:

    4 FREE Doctor consultations online facility to speak to all to all doctor’s panel in the family.

    Tax Benefits

    Up to 5000/- Preventive Health Plan included under section 80D Tax Benefits

    For more, Terms n conditions visit the link: https://portal.oneplushealth.in/refundandcancellation.aspx

    The offer is provided to RuPay cardholder/s  by the merchant. NPCI is only communicating this offer on behalf of the merchant. The offer is subject to the Terms and Conditions as prescribed by the merchant .

    Offer shall be made available only if the RuPay cardholder makes full payment by using a valid & eligible RuPay card.

    Offer shall not be made available in case of any void transaction.

    NPCI shall not be held liable and be made responsible in any manner for :

    Non-availability of the offers provided by merchant.

    Non-acceptance of RuPay cards at merchant outlet.

    Any delay or loss that may be caused in delivery of the goods and services or the assured gifts, freebies / prizes.

    NPCI does not guarantee and make any representation about the usefulness, worthiness of the offer provided by merchant.

    Any disputes related to the offer(s) shall be taken up directly with the merchant and with no direct and indirect reference to NPCI and/or any liability of nature on NPCI.

    The existence of a dispute, if any, regarding the offer shall not constitute a claim against NPCI and shall be addressed directly to the merchant.

    NPCI holds out no warranty or makes no representation about the quality, delivery or otherwise of the of the offer(s) offered by merchant. Any dispute or claim regarding the offer(s) by RuPay cardholder/s must be resolved with the merchant directly without any reference to NPCI.

    NPCI reserves the right to disqualify the alliance partner/s or cardholder/s from the benefits of the program if any fraudulent activity is identified as being carried out for the purpose of availing the benefits under the program or otherwise by use of the card.

    NPCI shall not be liable for any loss or damage that may be suffered, or for any nature whatsoever that may be suffered as a result of the offer.

    In the event of expiry of RuPay card, the same cannot be used for the purposes of claiming any offer(s).

    NPCI cannot be held liable for any act and omission attributable to force majeure events.

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