Oxxy: About Us - Our Mission, Values, and Team

About Oxxy


Oxxy offers a wide range of services aimed at delivering affordable and timely healthcare. One of the critical aspects addressed by Oxxy is the need for quick medical attention, as it has been observed that 80% of patients lose their lives due to delays in receiving medical care. By focusing on instant medical intervention, Oxxy aims to bridge this gap and improve patient outcomes.

When comparing Oxxy to traditional medical insurance, several key points make Oxxy stand out:

  1. Pre-existing diseases : Unlike traditional medical insurance, Oxxy caters to pre-existing diseases, ensuring that individuals with pre-existing conditions receive necessary medical care and support.
  2. OPD and IPD : Oxxy works for both outpatient (OPD) and inpatient (IPD) treatments, ensuring comprehensive medical support.
  3. Eye, dental, and cosmetic treatments : Oxxy is not only for essential medical treatments but also includes eye, dental, and cosmetic procedures, providing a comprehensive range of healthcare services.
  4. On-road accidental benefits : Oxxy offers benefits specifically designed for on-road accidents, ensuring immediate medical attention and support in critical situations.
  5. No age limit : Oxxy has no age limit, making it accessible to individuals of all age groups, including senior citizens.
  6. No limit on medical expenditure : Unlike traditional insurance plans with set limits, Oxxy does not impose any restrictions on medical expenditure, ensuring individuals receive the necessary care without financial constraints.
  7. Free ambulance anytime : Oxxy provides free ambulance services round the clock, ensuring prompt transportation to medical facilities when needed.
  8. Heavily discounted tests, treatments, and surgeries : Oxxy offers significant discounts on various medical procedures, including tests, treatments, and surgeries, making healthcare more affordable for individuals.
  9. Free test pick-up : Oxxy facilitates free pick-up of medical tests, ensuring convenience and efficiency for patients.
  10. Free medicine delivery under 30 minutes anywhere in India : Oxxy provides the convenience of delivering medicines within 30 minutes anywhere in India, ensuring timely access to medications.
  11. Cloud storage of medical records : Oxxy offers cloud storage of medical records, enabling quick access to vital information for medical professionals and patients alike.
  12. Personal health counselor : Oxxy provides personal health counselors who offer support throughout the healthcare journey, ensuring individuals receive comprehensive care.
  13. Protection against COVID and all unknown viruses in the future : Oxxy offers protection against COVID-19 and other unknown viruses, emphasizing the importance of preventive measures and preparedness.
  14. Medical care at home : Oxxy extends medical care services to patients' homes, ensuring convenience and comfort for individuals who require ongoing medical support.
  15. No exclusion on any treatment : Oxxy does not exclude any treatment, ensuring individuals have access to a wide range of medical procedures and therapies.
  16. No tests needed to purchase : Unlike some insurance plans that require medical tests for enrollment, Oxxy does not mandate any tests to purchase their services, making it accessible to individuals without prior medical assessments.

Regardless of personal economic conditions, people should prioritize their health. With an aging population and an increase in lifestyle diseases, this is even more important.