Get Flexible, Customized Protection with Oxxy's Carefree Plan

Unmatched On-Road Health Protection with Oxxy Carefree Plan

The Oxxy Carefree Plan provides comprehensive on-road health protection, ensuring peace of mind during travel. This plan is designed to offer extensive support in case of emergencies or unexpected situations while on the road, making it an essential choice for frequent travelers and individuals seeking enhanced safety measures. Comes with complimentary Life Insurance.
Key features of the Oxxy Carefree Plan include:

  • Free On-Road Assistance
  • No Age Limit
  • Get Complimentary Life Insurance
  • 40%* Discounts on All Medical Bills with No Upper Limit of the Bill Value
  • Free Ambulance Service
  • Use Unlimited Number of Times
  • Valid on All Pre-Existing Diseases
  • No Medical Screening Needed
  • Works on OPD & IPD
  • Appointment Booking for Free
The Oxxy Carefree Plan offers unmatched on-road protection and support, making it a must-have for travelers looking for comprehensive health safety measures while on the road.

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