Policy for International Patients

  1. Oxxy guarantees saving of USD 1000 to the patients when they buy Save $2000 plan and book all their tests & treatments in India through Oxxy. The plan for International Patients is for One time use only and the savings can not be availed more than once.
  2. The saving of USD 1000 collectively will be on the listed test/treatment price at the Hospitals/Health Centers. The savings will be passed on to the patient at the time of settling the bill, provided the cost of the entire bill is over USD 5000 and the patient has generated the codes from Oxxy before going to the Hospital.
  3. Oxxy is not a healthcare institute and does not own any Medical or Health facility. Oxxy is only a network of Healthcare Centers/Hospitals and is working towards making Healthcare affordable.
  4. It is clearly understood that the patient has purchased the plan with his own free will and no one has coerced them into buying. They will indemnify Oxxy of any wrong doings of any kind.
  5. In case of wrong treatment/injury/anything else or even death, Oxxy is not liable as Oxxy is not doing any treatment themselves.
  6. Oxxy may suggest the Hospitals in its network but it is up to the patient to decide where they want to get treated. Oxxy holds no liability for the treatment and the kind of Hospital or quality of Hospital.
  7. The plan once purchased can not be refunded unless Oxxy fails to provide savings of USD 1000 even after all the above mentioned points are fulfilled.
  8. In the worst case scenario, maximum liability of Oxxy will be to refund the cost of purchasing the plan to the customer.
  9. Customer is liable to check if there are any governing laws in their country for availing Oxxy services in India. Also they need to check that Indian laws do not prohibit their nationality to avail Oxxy savings.
  10. The plan purchased are non-transferable.
  11. Plan cost to be refunded if $1000 not saved.