Respiration & Pulmonary

Oxxy's Pulmonary Health Plan

Oxxy's plan provides comprehensive support for pulmonary health:

  • Regular Lung Health Check-ups
  • Respiratory Guidance
  • Lifestyle Recommendations
  • Emergency Response
  • Oxxy health plan works on all Tests, Treatments & Surgeries related to Respiration & Pulmonary issues.
With Oxxy, you can take proactive steps to maintain strong lung health, breathe easier, and enjoy a higher quality of life. Assistance in Hospitalization if needed.

What’s covered

Respiration & Pulmonary Features

Who Should Buy

Based on Age, Habits & History

Pulmonary & Lung Issues

Age Over 20 yrs

Live in a Polluted Area

Suffered from Covid in the Past


Family History of Lung Problems