Frequently Asked Questions

Oxxy aims to bring transparent healthcare for all. Displaying medical rates online, is the key to transparent Healthcare. Oxxy is working towards the same.

Oxxy tries to get you best prices possible in Healthcare with added advantages making healthcare affordable and convenient.

Once Oxxy detects the location of its customer, it tries to help them by showing the centers near the customer. If the customer feels that there is a center missing in Oxxy data base, pls inform Oxxy at 9999-000-102 and all the efforts will be made to empanel that center.

Government of India accredited medical centers.  

For easy convenience for patients or people who are cautious about their health, we bring to you “Medical Tests at Home”. Samples will be collected from home and then processed at labs. 

Most Health Centers provide Online Reports. Customer is adviced to interact with the health center directly and obtain their results as Oxxy does not procure any reports of the patient'customer from the health center.

Oxxy is your friend for life, present in each and every city of India. Anyone can call us at 09999000102 anytime for easy convenience and affordability. However if due to any reason Oxxy does not have any empaneled center in your city, it will try to empanel in that city at the earliest.

Oxxy brings to you more than 1 lac medical centers with affordable price and quality. All prices can be easily accessed thru Oxxy website or thru the call center.

Oxxy aims to reduce medical expenditure. For deeper discounts, you may enroll as 'Oxxy Premium Member'. For further details please Contact our Customer Support: 09999000102

Oxxy, Aims to provide transparency & awareness in healthcare and thus brings along lots of extra benefit deals for corporates & their employees. Please contact our customer support for more details: 09999000102

For deeper discounts and extra benefits, please enrol for 'Oxxy Health Membership' either on the website or call 9999-000-102

Oxxy, aims in providing transparency and affordability for all. Getting added to the OXXY network gives you a better platform to get attached to your target segment with trust and confidence.

Oxxy gets the best discounts available in the health centres for the customer's convenience. We bring the daily routine tests, health packages, specialized tests, as well as super specialised tests at affordable discounted rates. Oxxy gives an option to book an instant discount through the website.

Oxxy works as your virtual receptionist. Oxxy helps in instantly increasing footfalls to the Health Centre through its website/ call center and through our different marketing and branding strategies. Also our discount policy to customers ensures him to be diverted at your Health Centre.

Oxxy smart Search Button works as a single search engine for all your medical related test queries. The user can search either a test or a health centre (path lab/ diagnostic centre/ hospital) of his/her choice and book an instant discount through Oxxy.

Oxxy gives its customer discounts on the available tests at the centres which are empaneled with Oxxy. However, the tie up with the Health Center may keep changing with time which could effect the discounts.

OXXY is your friend for life. OXXY is India's Largest Healthcare Network having its tie ups across the country for providing services at concessional rates to all the national and international patients. 

We have exclusive tie ups with whopping 4000+ Hospitals & 1,50,000+ diagnostic/path labs/radiology/cosmetic centres across India. We have the largest number of health centres empaneled for providing services at a discounted rate throughout the country.

Oxxy works as a service provider between the user and the health centres.  As a matter of policy Oxxy does not procure any reports of its customers from the healthcenter. The trustworthyness of the reports can not be guaranteed. However, with customer's feedback, we may discontinue to list the sub-standard centers.

All information within Online Banking uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol for transferring data. SSL is encryption that creates a secure environment for the information being transferred between your browser and your bank so no third person can actually see your information and neither is it saved anywhere.

Yes, Through Internet banking the user is directly linked with his/her bank and all the transactions are secure and carried out through the bank server. Oxxy is not involved in the transactions directly.

OXXY is TRUST. OXXY makes efforts that the customers gets hassle free services. If not, then we refer you to an alternate center. 

Please click contact for more info or call 9999-000-102

A discount code is a unique code which is generated by our system whenever a customer books a medical test. The code is emailed/messaged to the customer and the healthcenter simultaneously. The customer has to show his/her code at the healthcenter to avail the treatment/test at a discounted rate.

Just produce the code received to the healthcare service provider before getting the test done.

The discount code shall be generated for you at the time of booking through Oxxy and activated when you pay at the center while billing. The health center shall be informed of the code BEFORE taking the test. In some cases where instant discount facility is not available, Oxxy may arrange for a cash-back.

One code is valid for single visit only, however you can book again through Oxxy website or call center and generate more codes. It is totally free.

You may generate multiple codes.

Please generate codes for each center separately. You may use the facility again and again. Its totally free.

You can redeem the discounted code within 7 days or before the health centres revise their prices (whichever is earlier).

One discounted code can be used by a single person and single test only. The user is adviced to generate multiple codes for multiple tests.

You can login to your account through your username and password on and request for a duplicate SMS for the discounted Code. For any further assistance you can call our customer care team available for your convenience at 0-9999-000-102

You can log in and generate another code. You may also call our customer care at 0-9999-000-102.

Either through the website or by calling 9999 000 102.

You can simply call our customer care service team at 0-9999-000-102


You can manage your account through the username and password provided. Just look in to the history option where you can see all the past medical tests booked through OXXY.

Just contact the healthcare service Provider directly for your tests reports. Oxxy does not take any test reports.

Kindly consult the health service providers for more clarity and transparency in the reports. Oxxy does not take any reports from the health center and has nothing to do with the accuracy of the reports. 

OXXY is the India's Largest Healthcare provider. We have the maximum number of empaneled health centres in our database. All the healthcare service providers empaneled with OXXY accepts the discounted Code produced through OXXY Bookings. If not, then Oxxy will be pleased to suggest an alternate center.

The NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) Accredited Labs performs their work in accordance with international criteria for technical competence. The NABL accreditation is a formal recognition of the technical competence and quality standards implemented in the laboratory.

OXXY only empanels health centers across India. It can not guarantee the quality of service and accuracy of reports.

Yes anywhere in India where Oxxy has empaneled health centers.

You can use Oxxy ratings for accredited labs. Also read customer reviews for respective labs before choosing. However neither Oxxy solicits nor it takes guarantee of the accuracy of test results.

OXXY is the India's Largest Healthcare Service Provider. Our main motive is to provide health services at discounted rates to all its users. The ratings are based on information obtained and may not be accurate.

You can login to your account and see the reviews given through different users for the best discounted health services pan India.

Just click on a lab and you will be able to see all the user ratings for that particular lab.

Just Log in to your account and give the feedback for the services availed at any Health Centre. Your feedback will be shown in sometime after permission through the Admin to avoid any **** statements.

Brand Oxxy is TRUST. Oxxy is India's Largest Healthcare Network and is putting its best effort to ensure that the users don t have to pay unnecessary high price for their medical checkups, which are prevailing in the market. Oxxy is working towards better value for money at all the affiliated centres.

Your transaction is directly linked between your bank and Oxxy bank. Oxxy has no role to play in it.

Please click on subscribe/unsubscribe to submit your request. You may call 9999 000 102 to do the same.

Just click on Forgot Username/password and follow the simple steps to regain your information.

Please call the customer care number or lodge an enquiry in the enquiry form. Oxxy will try its best to include the same in your next visit.

This is special facility given to some prestigious corporates/organizations in the country. Kindly mail us at for more details regarding the same.

Please go to 'Connect with Oxxy' and fill the form available, our service care representative will contact you within 24 working hours. Alternatively you may call 9999-000-102 for empanelment.

Please call 9999-000-102 or mail your details on & our advertising team will assist you shortly.

Oxxy makes its efforts to interact with empaneled healthcare service provider for quality if any complaint is received in writing by Oxxy user.